Inspiring a life well lived

The flowers, plants we grow and forage nourish and heal us, heal our bones and all animals for that matter; taking care of the flowers, plants and earth means taking care of ourselves. 

We have been given a body for a few brief moments and to honor this we should be conscious of what we put into and onto this sacred vessel. We believe in feeding ourselves nutrient rich foods as well as our skin, that what you think and choose to surround yourself with matters.

The body is a system; we understand that all things are connected. By keeping the ideas simple, we create recipes with organic and natural plant botanicals to help protect, restore and revitalize the body. We recommend treatments, programs and products that are clean and sustainable for you. With so much noise and chatter in our environment, its hard to know what's in your best interest when it comes to nutrition and wellness, so we hope to provide you with some clarity in a caring and compassionate environment.

The choices we make each and every day are vital to our health, wellness and sustainability. Truly nourishing yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

Please let us know how we can help you on your journey.