Are we making a living or or making a life? 

It starts with food was always my mantra but I hadn't realized how important that message was for me until I understood that my ladder was up the wrong career wall. I love to educate and help people feel and be their very best. Whole foods are my passion, realizing how important it is to feed yourself and how foods can heal you. 

I was given an opportunity to take a leap of faith and so I started my own company. The idea of Flower & Bone Supply grew out of my love for the great outdoors, foraging, cultivating my own garden, fishing and the wanderlust for the adventures awaiting an unmarked trail.

I am currently working with people who want to heal from the inside out. Whether you have an aliment, chronic illness or just want to achieve a better quality of life through foods that truly nourish you, please contact me for more information on my services or the product line. 

I am working on my Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition with Hawthorn University.


In health and happiness,

Heather Ciprani, Founder