I started Flower & Bone Supply in Jan 2016. Initially I began making skin care products (food-based cooking for skin) as a way to clean up and simplify my own life, after 12 years in the corporate world. I found that my friends and family really loved my products; they told me how much of an impact they made to their skin. Once I started my Masters Program in Holistic Nutrition, I decided to launch my own website for my products and services so that I could have a platform to market myself and test ideas out. I feel the most at home in nature and in the kitchen; even in nature, as I look around, I am usually thinking about the next most delicious, seasonal thing to make. 

My own wellness journey started from a young age in the garden. My earliest memories are eating veggies straight from the garden and foraging huge fields, in the spring, with my family for “chicoria” (we pronounced it “chicaudia”) which are wild dandelion greens. As a young child of 3 or 4 years old I remember getting so excited to dig in the dirt, bringing home bagfuls, then sprinkling the fresh, raw greens with oil and vinegar serving it up with a ripped hunk of Italian bread.

By the time I was 15, I was a chunkier kid and was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, which were the most painful things I had ever experienced. It took me the better part of 20 years, tons of doctors, prescription pills, and hospital visits to eventually learn that my diet had everything to do with cycles and my cysts. That journey helped fuel my curiosity to help treat and reverse ALL my symptoms with food and cannabis. This passionate pursuit lead me to my current path of education and inspiration to help others find a better and more harmonious way to treat their symptoms and help bring their bodies to balance.


In love + light + all things delicious,

Heather Ciprani, HCP