Are we making a living or or making a life?

It starts with food was always my mantra but I hadn't realized how important that message was for me until I understood that my ladder was up the wrong career wall. I love to educate and help people feel and be their very best. Whole foods are my passion, realizing how important it is to feed yourself and how foods can heal you. 

I was given an opportunity to take a leap of faith and so I started my own company. The idea of Flower & Bone Supply grew out of my love for the great outdoors, foraging, cultivating my own garden, fishing and the wanderlust for the adventures awaiting an unmarked trail.

I am currently working with people who want to heal from the inside out. Whether you have an aliment, chronic illness or just want to achieve a better quality of life through foods that truly nourish you, please contact me for more information on my services or the product line. 

I am working on my Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition with Hawthorn University.


In health and happiness,

Heather Ciprani, Founder  

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Meet Kasey!

flower & bone supply wellness leader + inspirer

you will see her beautiful, shining face here at the Flower & Bone Supply Shop + Apothecary in Skippack, PA.

“After graduating college and landing back at my parents place, I was feeling kind of stuck. I was working in sales, a job I excelled at but I wasn’t finding true joy or fulfillment in my work. During my undergrad I also played a division one sport. I wasn’t in love with the state of my physical body afterwards. It had been pushed hard for over a decade of fierce athletic competition. My body and mind needed a long exhale, a break from always having to give 110%. That’s when I decided to act on my curiosity to learn more about the yoga lifestyle and I dove into a 200 hour yoga teacher training. I had taken a yoga class in college as a means to complement my strength training as an athlete, a way to build long lean muscle in my body. While in that class and of course, more so during my training, I discovered yoga is about so much more than that. I quickly realized it was changing my life. My mindset was shifting and my curiosity towards whole body wellness grew. As a wife and a new mom of one sweet, growing boy, I am inspired by my little fam to educate myself on nourishing our physical bodies so that we may raise a vibrant and thriving babe. Learning from Heather at flower and bone is the next step on my path towards living well. Here, I hope to inspire you all to create nourishing daily rituals that truly support you and for you to take the next step on your path towards living well so that we may all vibe and thrive together!