miracle skin balm

miracle skin balm


UPDATE: Name change. It was previously listed as a night cream, but it is actually more of a balm and an alternative to the Miracle Skin Face Oil for those in need of more moisture. This is crafted with the most moisture rich oils you can find. enjoy! xo heather


our thick, luxurious, & deeply powerful botanical skin balm, nourishes the skin,

soothes inflammation and reduces the appearance of aging and dry skin.

this can be used for those with dry skin and replace your daily moisturizer or face oil.



all natural & organic food based ingredients avocado oil, macadamian oil, olive oil and bees wax infused with calendula, chamomile, oat straw, comfrey, lavender, yarrow, sage and nettles and blended with tamanu oil, carrotseed oil, collagen aminos, algae extract, chamomile extract, along with essential oils of neroli, frankincense, cypress & sandalwood



cleanse skin and apply to face and neck. can use used as needed, both day and night if skin is prone to dryness. (NOTE: do to the use of only natural oils (no water, alcohol or preservatives) this product may turn from a solid to oil, depending on temperature, but that is totally normal. It is shelf stable)


2 oz. jar

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