Vietnamese Pho Healing Broth Packet

Vietnamese Pho Healing Broth Packet


A herbal spice blend packet to make Vietnamese Pho soup and enhanced with medicinal herbs.  

A Vietnamese dish rich and distinctly aromatic creating a multi-dimensional broth flavor. Pairs well with pork, beef, chicken or fish bones. After making broth with or without bones, strain and add in kelp noodles, fresh sprouts, bok choy, lime juice, cilantro, thai basil and hot sauce! The medical herbs seaweed and mushrooms kick this dish up tenfold with their antioxidants, immune boosting support. Additionally the ingredients have been shown to protect DNA and increases longevity, contain minerals for strong bones, help lower blood pressure, combat respiratory ailments, detoxify body, help digestion and soothe digestive tract, and decrease inflammation. . Recipes included in pack.

Makes about 8-10 servings of broth.

Organic & NonGMO Ingredients: cinnamon stick, whole cloves, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cardamom pod, star anise, astragalus, wild magic basil, lemon balm, dulse seaweed, echinacea and turkey tail mushroom.


Turkey Tail Mushroom may regenerate damaged bone marrow, help treat cancers, strengthen the immune system, increase energy, deliver pain relief with no ill side effects, reduce phlegm, combat respiratory ailments, may also aid in poor digestion, urinary infection, inflammation, and liver ailments. 

Dulse Seaweed contains minerals which have been shown to be good for strong bones, high potassium which lowers blood pressure. High levels of vitamin A, high in iron which may be good for for thyroid health, protecting & boosting immune system, and optimizing gastrointestinal system. 

Echinacea promoters say that the herb encourages the immune system and reduces many of the symptoms of colds, flu and some other illnesses, infections, and conditions.

Lemon Balm may protect against DNA against radiation damage, positively effects memory and mood. Supports brain health. Soothes the digestive tract, treats sleep disorders, boosts immune system, detoxifying the body, breaking fevers, soothes menstrual symptoms. 

Wild magic basil has been shown to be a natural heart tonic and expectorant. 

Cinnamon boasts a wide range of other health benefits, including antibacterial, antifungal and anti-diabetic properties. As little as half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily may have positive effects on blood sugar levels, digestion, immunity and more. However, stronger doses are shown to be extremely beneficial for improving heart disease risk and cutting your risk of diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

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