Thai Tom Kha Healing Broth Packet

Thai Tom Kha Healing Broth Packet


A herbal spice blend packet to make TOM KHA soup and enhanced with medicinal herbs. A semi-sweet, lime, ginger and slight spice make this broth nice and complex yet lite. Pairs well with chicken, fish or mushrooms and coconut milk. Recipes included in pack.

Medicinal component of the herbs have been shown to provide great support to the immune system, loaded with antioxidants which have been shown to help to fight cancer, adaptogenic herbs which have been shown to help calm the body in times of stress, and trace minerals which have been known help support healthy bones and body system functions, like the endocrine.  May benefit a healthy heart and detoxify liver. 

Makes about 8-10 servings of broth.

Organic & NonGMO ingredients: Lemongrass, kefir lime leaves, brown coconut sugar, red pepper, lemon balm,  cordyceps mushrooms, nettles, wild magic basil, astragalus, and wakame seaweed. 


Lemon Balm may protect against DNA against radiation damage, positively effects memory and mood. Has been shown to support brain health, sooth the digestive tract, treat sleep disorders, boost immune system, detoxify the body, break fevers, and sooth menstrual symptoms. 

Dulse Seaweed contains minerals which have been shown to be good for strong bones, high potassium which lowers blood pressure. High levels of vitamin A and high in iron which may be good for for thyroid health, protecting & boosting immune system, and optimizing gastrointestinal system. 

Cordyceps Mushroom may boost exercise performance by increasing the production of ATP and improve oxygen use, have anti-gain properties by helping reduce fatigue and boost strength. Has been shown to increase sex drive, high in antioxidant which has been shown to slow the growth of tumors and may help reduce the side effects of cancer therapy. May help benefit the heart and help fight inflammation.

Wild magic basil has been shown to be a natural heart tonic and expectorant. 

Astragalus Root may boost the immune system, protect DNA and increase longevity, prevent telomeres from degradation, and may also enhance function of T cells (white blood cells). 

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