Focus Formula

Focus Formula


2oz Bottle

Arete Herbs, Unionville, PA

Liquid Herbal Extract

We gave our Memory Formula a fresh new name — it’s now called Focus Formula, but it’s still the same good medicine inside! We’ve also given our packaging a face-lift which isn’t shown in the picture yet, but we’ll update it shortly!

Need an extra boost? This mentally refreshing formula is crafted to help improve mental clarity, precision, long and short term memory, and focused attention. Blended with traditional memory or "brain" herbs, this herbal extract is sure to clear up any foggy moments you may have and boost your retaining power.*

This formula works great for individuals wanting to sharpen their memory as well as for students needing that extra help with those long study sessions!

Suggested Use: Shake well before using. Take one dropperful three times per day as needed in juice or water.

Organic Ingredients: Water, 50% Cane Alcohol, Rosemary leaf, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Leaf.

2 fl. oz = about 25

For more information on what a tincture is, read the Arete post here!


Areté Earth-Based Wellness is a company dedicated to helping each individual achieve optimal health with plant-based products. Areté is a Greek word that means “excellence of any kind." Areté describes the act of living up to one’s fullest potential, finding total fulfillment, and reaching the highest level of health and harmony for our mind, body, and spirit. 

At Areté, we believe that personal health is deeply connected to nature. To attain optimal wellness it is vital to embrace a more natural, earth-centered approach to living fuller, healthier lives.  Plant medicine is a beautiful way to empower you on this journey.

Areté is nestled in scenic Unionville, Pennsylvania. We are a young, homegrown business that lovingly handcrafts all herbal products in small batches.  We focus on green business practices and sustainability because of our great reverence for the environment. 

Our herbs are sourced from only the most highly regarded companies that provide certified organically grown plants. Respectfully wild-harvested herbs are often hand-gathered by ourselves from rural Chester County, or grown in our personal garden that is free of pesticides, chemicals, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

It is our hope that Areté's herbal products give you the opportunity to infuse yourself in the medicine of the plants.

Live a Life of Areté.

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