holistic wellness consulting

Holistic wellness is about understanding that the body is an intricate system that likes to maintain balance; everything is connected. When the body is out of balance, it starts to send you signals or what we call symptoms. Let me help you to navigate through some of the signals your body is sending you and help you bring your body back into balance. 

Nutrition + Lifestyle Consulting

Offering holistic nutrition and lifestyle consulting tailored to your needs in a compassionate and supportive environment. My goal is your success and happiness on your wellness journey. I want you enjoy the journey and not think of healthy eating and choices as a burden. Your food should nurture, nourish and make you happy to eat it. By working together, we come up with goals for you and your unique needs. I promise to find you recipes that you'll love, my thrill is to bring inspiration and enthusiasm to your plate. 

Cannabis Consulting

Offering cannabis consulting to individuals who would like to understand how the plant can help them. Either from doctor referrals for medicinal cannabis in your state or wanting a deeper knowledge about how the whole plant works for your body and/or condition. I try to stay current on the current laws and parameters within most states and will help you navigate the best medicine you have access to and can educate you on your personal dosing.

The world of cannabis can be quite confusing and often times misleading, I have spent the last 7 years immersing myself into the world of cannabis from farming to medicine making. I have worked on farms, attended workshops, speaking events and classes educating myself on the medicinal side of the business. I have completed my Holistic Cannabis Practitioner Certification to compliment my MS of Holistic Nutrition degree.

Appointments can be either in person or on FaceTime or Skype, at your convenience. 


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