Nutrition Counseling & Packages

Do you feel confused about what you should eat?

What are the best choices for you and your body?

Do you experience digestive issues, have difficulty losing weight or just feel down right crappy?

I offer nutritional coaching tailored to your needs in a compassionate and supportive environment. My goal is your success and happiness on your wellness journey. I want you enjoy the journey and not think of healthy eating a burden. Food should nurture and nourish you. By working together, we come up with goals for you and your unique needs. I help find you recipes that you'll love or we can take a walk through the grocery store; my thrill is to bring inspiration and enthusiasm to your plate. 

The body is an intricate system that likes to maintain balance; everything is connected. When the body is out of balance, it starts to send you signals or what we call symptoms. Let us help you to navigate through some of the signals and help bring your body back into balance. 

Appointments can be either in person or on skype, at your convenience and help you reach your goals.

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“Excellent news to report....

Tim's blood work numbers urine count are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Down 34 pounds...gained a few on's ok! Dr is impressed and said it's unprecedented! We thank his nutritionist and friend Heather for ALL of her knowledge encouragement meal planning advice. Anyone needs assistance she is outstanding!”
- Connie