Nourish Body Oil

Nourish Body Oil



10 powerful and nourishing plant botanicals provide nutrients and vitamins that help calm, balance, restore and rejuvenate the skin.



all organic and natural food based ingredients sesame, coconut & carrot seed oils that are infused with an herbal tonic of ashwaganda, nettles, yarrow, tulsi, lavender, brahmi and calendula.



Can be used as a massage oil, as a hydrating body oil or as a body cleansing oil prior to showering as part of an Ayurvedic protocol called Abhyanga.


4 oz. bottle

NAKED- … no essential oils added after infusion, just pure oils and pure herbal infusion. nothing more. 

INVIGORATING- … blended with healing essential oils of eucalyptus and frankincense.

promotes energy and vitality and is supportive of Kapha Dosha. 

CALMING…-blended with health essential oils of chamomile and lemongrass

soothes and relaxes tension and supportive of a Pitta Dosha

WARMING…blended with health essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine

supports vitality, vigor and as well as the Vata Dosha

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