May inspires our GROWTH

With spring comes the innate need for cleansing - the shedding of the heaviness of winter provides space for new GROWTH in spring. This idea of cleansing and growth is so evident in nature this time of year. The rains of April wash away the decay from winter and provide nourishment for new life to spring up in May. Everywhere you look there are new sprouts of color coming alive! How does nature inspire you to grow? Now is the time to plant the seeds of new ideas so you can nurture them and watch them come to fruition! What have you been dreaming of over the winter? Spring is the time to take action on those dreams. Spring is the time to plant the seeds for the life you want to live + nurture those seeds, then in Summer we celebrate our hard work as those seeds grow + bloom!

Flower & Bone is focused on growth as we move into May! We’ve curated some lovely, healing products + recipes to support you on your personal path towards growth.

We would love to know how you plan to grow + bloom this spring, too!