in light and love...

February latin for purification. gemstone amethyst.

        Monthly Focus: Body-Image, Weight & Appearance

In January I taught a workshop on DETOXing; I spoke, not about just the TOXIC things that we can put into our bodies, but the toxic THOUGHTS that can flow into our minds and wreck all sorts of havoc. I like to do this little exercise that really reinforces the mind-body connection, because its so POWERFUL. 

So let’s have you start thinking about your favorite food…..mmmmmmm

SEE it, SMELL it, close your eyes and, honestly, TASTE it for a second……… (i’ll wait)

what physically just happened? did your mouth start watering? well, guess what…. that’s your physical body literally saying “hey, hey! there’s food coming! whoo hoo!” and it starts to get the body ready. Your saliva is the kick off with all sorts of enzymes that trickle down into your stomach to get the rest of the systems all fired up (i apologize in advance if you are now hungry, but just bare with me, xo)… So, let me ask, was this food real? No..… Your brain just literally made it all up and your body doesn’t know any better, it just reacts…..huh. marinate on that for a minute…

I spent about 27 out of the 31 days in January meditating eve for just 5-10 minutes a day, trying to make mediation more of a daily practice. It was fine at first, I just went through the motions… I was using this free app called INSIGHT TIMER (which is rad- there’s TONS of great talks, meditations, etc).… I started noticing how much self-doubt kept surfacing for me, and how much of it I have been harboring this past year, that really hasn’t allowed me to really be present or to EMBRACE the moment. There was negative chatter, that I would sometimes say to myself; these waves of fear, judgements about myself, my business and others, that I think most of us can identify with….

“I can’t do it” 

“No one will like that” 

“Others are doing way better than me” 

“I must be perfect”

“I’m not enough”

….and that was my view: my brain was painting the picture and honestly, I felt it. I would try to push through…. but those words would affect my moods, my workouts, my meals, my studies, my business not all the time, but enough of the time. Like a looming cloud. 

so a few weeks back I just started an experiment just with my workouts, telling myself “I love you, you are so strong, i’m proud of you for coming to the mat”…. and at first, again, I was just going through the motions… “my brain’s like yeah, yeah, but… this is so cliche” and i still kept on

 “i love you”

“you are so strong” 

“i”m proud of you”…. my little mantra

….waiting for my body to get the connection…. and after a few weeks, it was so weird, it felt like it happened overnight… I started to actually feel it; my body feels good, i deep down feel love for myself and want to nourish it….it’s not easy and hard to start off, but the feeling of when it hits you, is incredible. now mind you, this is an continuous exercise, like any practice that you have.

The links to our mind and physical body are no doubt real (for instance, placebo effect, it is a scientifically measured, real thing)….our body doesn’t know the difference between real or not, it only knows what the brain says and has to follow its lead. Being more conscious of those thoughts and the manifestations that can come from them are SO KEY to our health and happiness.

….so getting back to my February Monthly Self Assignment: Body- Image, Weight, Appearance: 

based on the book by Lauren Handel Zander, Maybe It's You….(for more explanation on this check a few posts back where I explain my yearly goal)

I don’t honestly know one person who doesn’t struggle with BODY IMAGE, no matter how perfect we think we may or may not look…. for some of us it’s down right crippling at times…..

So here goes my DREAM statement for BODY: 

I am proud of my body. I love how strong I feel and use my strength whenever I can. My body can tackle any physical challenge I want to take on. I love to focus my daily rituals on nourishing this body from the inside out and I also make time for nourishment that is pure enjoyment and relaxation. I feel so comfortable in my own skin and express my gratitude daily. I feel beautiful inside and out. 

My daily practice for the month of FEBRUARY: is to focus on my mantra every day, sending loving kindness to myself, in order that I may focus on giving myself what truly nourishes me. I invite you to do something similar.... just try it out see what happens in you this month.

in light and love,