What Is The Oil Cleansing Method and How Does It Work?

We’ve all experienced that “squeaky clean” feeling after washing our face, which quickly turned to disappointment when we realized that “squeaky clean” didn’t actually mean good.

Harsh, conventional cleansers are usually brimming in sulfates and detergents that create a glorious lather, behind which lurks something a little more sinister. Okay, so perhaps we’re being a little dramatic, but honestly, dry skin is something to get dramatic about, especially when a product has caused it!

Chemical based cleansers don’t only wash away excess oil, dirt and grime, they strip away excess oils along with your skin’s own beneficial oils, which leaves your skin feeling dry and tight and this can seriously impair your skin’s lipid barrier.

So what can you do to fix the problem?

It’s as simple as switching your conventional cleanser to an all natural oil based one, yes really! Keep reading to earn more.

Why oil cleansing is better for your skin

Oil cleansing involves the use of plant based oils to dissolve dirt, oil, grime and makeup before being gently whisked away with a warm washcloth, sounds heavenly right?

Oil cleansing will never strip your skin of beneficial oils or disrupt its precious microbes and moisture balance, because while it’s dissolving excess oils, it’s adding any lost moisture right back in and infusing your skin with fatty acids, antioxidants and other powerful nutrients.

Your skin will feel clean, yet soft and supple and it will glow with healthy radiance!

How to do it correctly

Simply add a small amount into your hands and use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your face and neck in circular motions for a minute or two before wiping off with a warm, damp washcloth.

You can repeat this step if you’re wearing heavy makeup, like halloween makeup for example, and always be sure to follow up right away with your facial oil or night cream.

For a real skin treat, you have to try our all natural and organic Miracle Oil Skin Cleanser!

This incredible cleanser is formulated with fatty acid rich coconut oil to fight inflammation, infuse the skin with deep down moisture and even prevent acne breakouts thanks to antibacterial properties. A beautiful herbal tonic of rosehips, nettles, comfrey, chamomile, lavender and calendula feeds the skin with nutrients to bring it to life and promote a gorgeous glow, while astringent essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint help to balance sebum levels and refine the pores.

We hope you show your skin the love it deserves and treat it to the oil cleansing method, because it really does provide beautiful results!

Heather Ciprani